Before you choose the right lace wig you should to know what type of face you belong to first, so that you can use the right hairstyle to enhance your strengths and avoid weaknesses. In fact, people's faces can be roughly divided into five types: egg-shaped face, round face, heart-shaped face, square face and diamond-shaped face. It's easier to choose a human hair wig when you know what your face is.

1. First is the goose egg type.

Egg-shaped face is what we often call oval face. Hairdressers think it is suitable for any wig textures. If you have an egg-shaped face, congratulations. You don't need to worry about choosing a wig style at all. You are suitable for any hairstyle.

2. The second is the round face.

We can make the lace frontal wig look fuller and more effective visually by layering the top of the head. In addition, we can thinning the Brazilian hair below the cheekbone to modify the face and give the illusion of narrowing the chin.

3. The third is the heart-shaped face.

For heart-shaped faces, we can choose a full lace wig style that can increase the fullness of the lower half of the face and reduce the fullness of the forehead. The air Bang Bob lace frontal wig is a good choice.

4. The fourth is the square face.

For square faces, what we want is to make the face rounded, so the fluffy wave style can create this effect, for this face, try to avoid straight bangs or flat hairstyle.

5. Finally, the diamond face

This type of face should have a more layered hairstyle. Avoid bangs unless they are slightly biased.

If you really don't know what hairstyle you're looking for, you can go through some hairstyle magazines or watch some videos. I'm sure you'll soon find a hairstyle that suits you.